[whatever]+ SuPerBia+*Epic* now available @ fi*fridays

Skin: illusory

Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Kumi Pony Mesh Hair

Lipstick: pekka

Top: [whatever] scarftop now available @ fi*fridays

Tattoo: [El Sol Del Paraiso Tattoo Ink]  Like a Star Tattoo][Full Body][Unisex] !NEW!

Tattoo:  ::[annaA]:: Branding ” Alien ”

Bracelets:  : Amorous : Helix

Nails:  SuPerBia NaiLs *PoLiSh* HoT PinK now available @ fi*fridays

Rings: mandala

Panties: SAKIDE

Backpack: *Epic* Kawaii Baddie Toaster Backpack {Midnight} now available @ fi*fridays

Boots: Gos

6 thoughts on “[whatever]+ SuPerBia+*Epic* now available @ fi*fridays

  1. Nice vag stretch marks. Looks roomy, bet you could fit a Mexican family of 12 up there. What do you charge for rent? Are your rates reasonable? Can I get a bulk discount?

    1. I dont know what your problem is,i actually dont even care!but i suppose you are strictly related with the girl-boy who asked me yesterday specificly about THIS post,and when i told her-him that she-he will need some lindens to make the avi look like mine she-he :)) poofed! ehh,online ppl…

  2. I think I found one of the skin creators sources:

    I actually recoiled when I seen this entire post on the fashion feed of SL. It’s amazing what they will let on the main-page now.

    1. and i see u still insist with you nice comments PrincessConsuela Banana Hammock or should i call you Arumm?? heh!! but its all good Mike Hawk or PrincessConsuela Banana Hammock ,as many times as u click on my post,my blog rating grows!!! soooo,you can make even more accounts to visit!! :))))

      1. It’s amazing how stupid you really are, placing me in the same category as two completely different people. I think boasting high ratings from receiving three negative comments really shines a flood-light on your complete stupidity.

        P.S. Your comments system works on a “Choose a temporary name” there is no account system. Its good to see you know your own blog that well.

      2. beeing stupid is better than haveing menthal issues (As you do 😦 ) I apreciate your effort to put me down with your crap,but you need a lot more than that just to “touch me” 🙂
        as i said,feel free to click my address as many times as you need :))
        oh,and P.S.: “three negative comments” wich i aprooved and i can delete whenever i want 😉 Have a nice day troller

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