Trompe Loeil Contempo Living Room Sets @ FaMESHed

“Contempo Living Room Sets is a a unique and totally fun addition to any modern decor scheme, in your choice of 6 eye-popping (and pleasing) colors! Super low prim – only 2 prims each for the couch, ottoman and chair, and 1 prim each for the table, vase and lamp – the seating includes tons of animated poses for singles and couples, and the lamp turns on and off on owner touch with subtle lighting and glow effects.”

For mix n match people  Trompe Loeil  is also offering each couch, chair and ottoman individually, plus lamp/table/vase sets in all 6 colors plus exclusive white, AND a megapack of all table colors – grab just the pieces you want, get entire color sets and save $L100, the choice is yours!

This items can be found  exclusively at FaMESHed,so grab them while they last 🙂

You can also get more infos about this collection HERE 



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