Review copies policy


*If you like my work and u want me as a blogger,please send me a nc first 🙂

**I constantly look to improove my pics quality and i also like to keep a certain quality of the items i blog 🙂 If ure looking for a blogger that blogs a lot/everything but poor quality posts, then im not what ure looking for 😉

*** I usually reserve my self 1-2 weeks to post the items i get and i try my best to make it a great post 🙂 sometimes takes only 1-2 days to post,sometimes more,especially if im involved in some big event,so please understand that.

**** If there is a specific way you want me to blog your review copy,please get in touch with me first via nc or im

***** Feel free to send me any questions u got,be4 you send me your items.

****** If at some point,i will consider your items doesnt meet my expectations and style anymore,i will leave your group,im not taking advantage of creators work,this is not why i made this blog! i just hope you will understand and respect my decision.

******* Creators that will just drop items (sending group invitations) without talk to me be4 will just be ignored and their items not posted!So,to avoid this kind of situations,please contact me be4.

Thank you all for reading ^_^

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