HELP NEEDED from wordpress ussers





Many thanx Xiu,for the help and patience ❤


Hi,today i discovered there is an upload limit on wordpress 😦 seems that when i reach 3gb(now im 2.7gb)i wont be able to post anymore pics unless i buy more for now im unable to spend any $$ on this thing,i was wondering if any of you could help me with some ideas please? just post your answer here or inworld (adriana.pinklady)thank you in advance

3 thoughts on “HELP NEEDED from wordpress ussers

  1. Just do like most bloggers and use Flickr. It’s free, and also another outlet for getting more readership. If you provide a link to your Flickr pic on your blog and a link to your blog on your Flickr pic you are marketing yourself to other media sources.

    1. hello baby,i have tried to do that,but as i never ussed this be4 i think i do things wrong ..i noticed the pic uploaded from flickr this way appears smaller in post than the others and another thing is i dont really know how to do the post? how i tried to do it today was like this(after i followed some steps provided by wordpress help) i upload the pic in flickr and then i click share to wordpress,but this way the post is created instantly,so after that,i need to reedit the link and add all tags,ulrs and items list :/ so i think im not doing it right

      1. If you haven’t had any help yet…message me inworld and I will be happy to walk you through how to do it.

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